Inner Yoga Teacher Training

The Inner Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Certification Course is unique in that it combines two different styles of yoga; Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. In our current day in age, we have lost the ability to balance the Yin and Yang sides of ourselves, and as a result live in a state of constant engagement. Therefore, your teacher training course with Inner Yoga will focus on returning to a state of balance in the body and mind through the practice and understanding of Yin and Vinyasa Yoga.

November 2 – 23, 2018

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Sacred Places Yoga Luxury Retreat

Connect with your sacred space, and awaken your truth as you are lead through six days of yoga, meditation, and cultural exploration with Bronwyn Murphy of Sacred Places Yoga. Azadi will be your personal paradise from the moment you arrive, complete with pool time, spa treatments, and nourishing local food from Ubud. How much or how little you do is entirely up to you. Escape from every day stresses and give yourself a gift this holiday season!

November 23 – 28, 2018

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Shanti Yoga Teacher Training

Join Shanti Yoga at Azadi Retreat and begin your new year being inspired as you dive into the heart of yoga.

January 28 – February 14, 2019

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