Lesya is a creative chef, nutritionist and healthy lifestyle consultant. She is one of the founders of the famous raw organic hub “Alchemy” in Ubud, Bali, and was a pioneer in the raw organic food movement on the island at the time when it was becoming one of the world centers of raw food. Years of working for amazing festivals, restaurants, engagement in catering and retreats resulted in a cook book “The Raw Alchemist” which Lesya published together with talented Shanti Allen where they soulfully share their lore, myths and secrets.

women self care retreat in bali
bali women's retreat

Lesya’s journey of a healthy lifestyle started when she was sixteen. Realizing the strong impact of contaminated food, pollution, stress, medications, the media and other social influences on the human physical and mental condition, she turned to exploring various holistic ways and spent years in in-depth studies and experiments from which she created a philosophy she started sharing with others who wanted to take the same path. She guides people in self-care and making the shift from the chemical and artificial world towards the natural existence, and helps them improve the quality of life and understand their true power. She runs detox and cleansing programs, offers nutrition and raw food consultations, combines yoga and dance, and takes people through a transformational journey towards the conscious life style they want to achieve.

She also has a passion for essential oils, herbs and creating healing cosmetics and potions. She makes unique blends of oils in the form of beautiful perfumes based on people’s individual needs which support them in enhancing or healing emotional or physical states. She also loves spending time in nature, doing yoga, dance, movement, and having fun.