Lesya is a creative chef, nutritionist and healthy lifestyle consultant. She is one of the founders of the famous raw organic hub “Alchemy” in Ubud, Bali, and was a pioneer in the raw organic food movement on the island at the time when it was becoming one of the world centers of raw food. Years of working for amazing festivals, restaurants, engagement in catering and retreats resulted in a cook book “The Raw Alchemist” which Lesya published together with talented Shanti Allen where they soulfully share their lore, myths and secrets. Lesya’s journey of a healthy lifestyle started when she was sixteen.

women self care retreat in bali


women self care retreat in bali


Dr. Liana Nenacheva is a Holistic doctor, Aromatherapist, and Nutrition specialist who utilizes a holistic methodology to invigorate the mind, body, and spirit. It is her passion to assist others in achieving their true, unlimited potential and optimized wellness. Dr. Liana has the unique ability to identifying the root, underlying issues for both basic and complex health and nutritional problems and diseases. She uses a straight forward approach that embodies a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Nutrition, self-care, and lifestyle techniques that are easy to follow and enormously effective. She has helped hundreds of people achieve radiant, long lasting physical and emotional wellness. Liana’s biggest passion and life work are teaching. She frequently gives talks and teaches seminars with the goal of familiarizing physicians and practitioners with the concepts of TCM, Nutrition therapy and broadening its applications in Western Medicine.

She has since lived in one of the most exotic Islands in the world, Bali, in Indonesia where she has been working in one of the world’s most known yoga and holistic center, the “Yoga Barn” as a head chef. Nina has been significantly recognized for her consistent new menu development, recipe development, kitchen management and her excellence in retreat management, life changing detox programs and people’s management. At a workshop during a transformational retreat, when asked about the correlation between a healthy diet and self-realization, Nina taught in her own words: “I have learned that food has an enormous influence on our body, emotions and mind. By eating high vibrational food, you bring your body and mind into a higher vibration.

It’s simple: Food is energy and the high vibration food that you consume becomes the high energy of your cells. I believe in conscious eating. Eating according to what your body needs and not according to hypes and trends.

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