Nina Ryckewaert was born in a major city of Russia in 1988, At an early age of 6, her family relocated to Gent in Belgium. Raised by a single, passionate and determined mother, Nina was shaped from an early age to the values of hard work, discipline and commitment to a “civilized” life style and a love for food, at the age of 14, Nina could already create colorful meals for herself and her peers.

She spent her high school years at Sint bavohumaniora girls school where she graduated from and went on to complete a degree applied psychology at the Lessius university college. During her college years she perfected her cooking aspiration through a professional culinary program and parallelly grew roots in Yoga, inspired by her mother Liana Nenacheva who is a life time yoga practitioner and a renounced acupuncture doctor in Antwerp.

Nina went on to embrace a professional life right after her tertiary studies in psychology. She exercised the profession of diagnostician and counselor for several years at the psychiatric and psychogeriatrics department in the general hospital of Jan Palfijn. During her years of practice, she worked with patients dealing with various psychological complaints such as crisis intervention, alcoholism, depression, borderline and psychosomatic complaints.

Having been exposed to the darkest sides of human behavior during the years of her profession, Nina went through a phase of depression where she intensely battled against the same internal and mental issues, she was treating her patient for. Being highly animated by a spirit of empathy for people, a passion for yoga and love for food, Nina discovered in 2017 during her trip in South east Asia a unique and simple self-healing formula which promotes a durable healthy eating plan, a daily practice of yoga, self-love and acceptance practice integrating movement, dance, meditation, aromatherapy and the power of community building.

yoga retreat bali

She has since lived in one of the most exotic Islands in the world, Bali, in Indonesia where she has been working in one of the world’s most known yoga and holistic center, the “Yoga Barn” as a head chef. Nina has been significantly recognized for her consistent new menu development, recipe development, kitchen management and her excellence in retreat management, life changing detox programs and people’s management.

At a workshop during a transformational retreat, when asked about the correlation between a healthy diet and self-realization, Nina taught in her own words: “I have learned that food has an enormous influence on our body, emotions and mind. By eating high vibrational food, you bring your body and mind into a higher vibration. It’s simple: Food is energy and the high vibration food that you consume becomes the high energy of your cells. I believe in conscious eating. Eating according to what your body needs and not according to hypes and trends. An unhealthy eating pattern leaves our body exhausted, depressed and robbed.

And she ended: I am a clinical psychologist that made the conscious transition to live according to my passion. Eating healthy and nourishing food, inspire, connect and offer new perspectives to people through an amazing and remarkable food sharing experience is what
I live for. “