Experience Refreshing Yoga Retreat In Bali

Explore Bali the Island of Gods with yoga and meditation connecting your mind, body, and soul on a spiritual vacation with six days yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali. Learn the art of escaping worldly desires to live a peaceful life as you relish the journey of self-exploration amid the tropical jungles, rice fields, and rolling hills. The six days yoga retreat in Bali has been designed to give the people an adventurous fun in breath-taking environmental surroundings as they experience the phenomenal rich culture of the island.

Relax with the traditional Balinese massage to boost blood circulation and bloom up your skin. The Balinese massage also cures sleep-related disorders benefitting you with overall good health. To get the taste of local culture the tour has amusing cooking classes for the participants.

Yoga is the unification of aatma (soul) with parmatma (divine soul). To give you a phenomenal experience, a visit to a local spiritual healer is a part of six days yoga retreat in Ubud, BaliThe vacation also includes a stopover to the holy temple of Tirta Empul where you can embark on the purification ritual for a refreshing experience.

The Retreat

Yoga not only advances the body but the trinity of body, mind, and soul, in the entirety. And, a retreat is a destination where one ameliorates physically, mentally and delves into the spiritual self. When Yoga is all about self-exploration, we take this conviction to take you on a journey of mindfulness through the way of connecting strongly with your inner self and nature.

The beauty of retreat lies in the aspect of getting transformed for the better and uncovering the purpose of life. Your voyage to a retreat is not limited to mastering the art of Yoga, but also to encompass yourself with the positivity to live life to the fullest. Also, when a family eats together, and practices Yoga together, stays together, and in a retreat, you make a new family of like-minded people embracing the serenity of Yoga Retreats.


A destination ringed with the serenity of nature and peace prevailing all over is how Bali can be described beautifully. In Bali, one gets to experience a different world altogether, be it the splendid scenic beauty, the lush greenery, or the calming flow of waters, the whole enchilada speaks bliss. Being in Bali and performing Yoga is a blend that will take you on a journey of self-exploration amid the composure and beauty of nature.

Bali Yoga Retreat – Dates

Breathe · Love · Grow
Bali Yoga Retreat with Filipa Veiga and Silvia Stojanovic
Nirmala Retreats Ubud
21 – 27th March 2020
04 – 10 th April 2020

Bold as Love

Do you want to reconnect through experiences that change your view on life? We invite you to come dive into our colourful universe to unleash your full potential. This will be a space created to inspire others to spread love, live consciously and create lasting happiness.

The Retreat

Yoga is known for its endless benefits for both the body and the mind. A yoga retreat deepens your spirituality and your mental and physical balance. We believe in the conceit of self-discovery and reawakening , in grounding practices that connect us to the Earth, the spirits within and the sacred voice coming from your heart.

Expect a high vibe journey of transformation, supporting your shift into the highest version of yourself. Whether you are a master at yoga or at the beginning of this amazing journey of discovery, this retreat will be not just educative and adventurous but also fun, spiritual and life changing. Here you will live as in a community, you eat together, pray together, and yes, grow to love one another. Witnessing and being able to partake in a yoga community can be a wonderful feeling of freedom and calmness.

This is not just any vacation. This is to strengthen your Body, lift your spirit and clear your mind


As well as being a place of outstanding natural beauty, Bali is one of the most powerful and active sacred spots on the globe. The spiritual world here is more alive than almost anywhere else. For many people, the Island feels alive, amplifying and intensifying experiences and deeply supporting spiritual journeys. Here, there is a sense of timelessness like nowhere else. The spiced aroma of frangipani and joss sticks, beautiful beaches, dramatic landscapes and all of that in the surrounding of kind and caring people.


What Bali teaches you:
Do good and good happens to you…Bali is the perfect place to be!

The Venue

Nirmala Retreat is a unique and special location to be for a Bali yoga Retreat in Ubud. With spectacular views of the surrounding rice fields and Mount Agung in the distance, Nirmala Retreat offers the perfect space to settle into yourself. Located just outside the heart of Ubud, Bali, you will be able to experience the tranquility and beauty that brings travelers to the Island of the Gods again and again.Unwind in our lounge with a book and cup of tea in between yoga practices; cool off in our infinity pool; escape with a massage at our onsite spa; nourish your body with delicious vegetarian meals prepared by Nirmala culinary team; allow your practice to envelop you as you flow in our open-air yoga shala to the sounds of the jungle and river running below you. Find your freedom at stunning Nirmala, your home away from home.

How a retreat day looks like

  • 7h30 Wake up, tea, coffee, fruit, light snacks
  • 8h00 – 10h – Meditation, followed by a dynamic Yoga session
  • 10:30 – Healthy brunch
  • 11:30 – 2:30 Break & personal time
  • 2h30 (everyday will be one of the below)
  • Asana lovers workshop (anatomy, explore your body, mindfulness)
  • Yoga-me workshop (Ayurveda talk: learn how to understand your dosha and how to adapt your lifestyle your
  • Yin Yoga Class
    Water ceremony with Balinese priest
  • Balinese Cooking session
  • Free afternoon (go crazy shopping in Ubud, use the time to visit a temple or just enjoy the venue with a massage)
  • 7:00 Dinner

All these things make part of our retreat!
● daily yoga: asana, meditation, pranayama
● Yin Yoga & intuitive movements session
● Water ceremony & nature walks
● meditation
● story telling
● Chanting
● circle / dance

Meet Filipa Veiga
Born in Portugal, Filipa grew up in Macau, Asia. As a the mother of two girls and after studying Law and having been a journalist, she fully dedicated herself to yoga after moving back to Asia and living in Ubud, Bali. Being an authorized by KPJAYI, her yoga practice started more than 14 years ago. In addition to the Ashtanga Yoga method, she also studies meditation and Ayurveda at the Vedic Institute, which teaches not only the asana technique but also how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Living between Bali and Portugal, the teacher dedicates her life to inspiring people and transforming lives through classes, workshops, yoga and ayurveda retreats, and through her Yoga-me blog, a project that gave birth to her first book of success , which now enters the second edition. Presenter at the Bali Spirit Festival and ambassador of the Wanderlust Portugal since the 1st edition, she also brought to her birth country the Portugal Spirit Festival spreading her love around the yoga lifestyle. More information at www.filipaveiga.com.

Meet Silvia Stojanovic
I’m an activebody at heart, native german, living in Portugal who would happily spend every day practicing Yoga, surfing and spending time with my beloved son Keanu. I love to cook for others. I can’t think of anything better than spending all day in the kitchen with friends cooking a meal for them. I’m a devoted student of yoga and mindfulness. My practice has changed my life in infinite ways — most of all, it has helped me feel more at home with myself and aligned with the rest of the world. Teaching is my life’s calling. After studying sports in Germany and completing my 500 h teacher training I have now been teaching for 15 years. As a yoga educator, I’ve led a few teacher trainings in Portugal. I’m skilled at motivating people of all ages to change their life and find their true purpose ,making yoga feel accessible to beginners and Yogis of all levels and create practices that are physically, mentally and emotionally transformative. While I love practicing and teaching asana — the mechanics, the anatomy, and the poetry of mindful movement — I’m ultimately interested in the process of yoga and how it reveals a deeper understanding of who we are.

Pricing 6 days Yoga Retreat

Double occupancy : € 1690
Triple occupancy : € 1590

Enjoy the journey

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